We have extensive experience with software use, design and implementation.  Our experience as a user, owner and a vendor allows us to traverse the middle ground to translate business requirements well and manage a positive and balanced relationship between vendor and client.  We also have significant background in forming forward-thinking IT strategy and policy that realistically guides organizations in expanding their information resources.



Data should be treated as an asset.  We assist organizations in nurturing and leveraging that asset to greatest effect.  Data quality assessments can determine the state of your data holdings, while custom analyses and meaningful reports and visualizations help you to reveal hidden patterns.  We also specialize in integrating distinct data sets together in creative ways, especially public sector data.



Locus is deeply rooted in geographic information systems (GIS) with many years of expertise in geospatial systems and science.  We guide our clients towards successful implementation and expansion of GIS, geo-analytical services, excellent cartographic data presentations, and the formation of geospatial strategy.  We know the international geospatial industry and discipline and understand its products, data, methods, limitations and uses.


GIS Imagery

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