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Locus Ltd is a professional services company specializing in location data and geographic information systems (GIS).  We are the sole professional services company in Bermuda dedicated to the geospatial industry.  We have worked with many departments in the Government of Bermuda, as well as organizations in the private and nonprofit sectors.  Locus is the official business partner for Esri Inc., Cityworks, and EOS GNSS.  


We assist organizations with the development and management of their geospatial software and data infrastructure, collection of field data, integration of systems, spatial analyses, staff training and presentation of information.  Dr. Kevin Mayall, the principal of Locus, has a PhD in Planning and GIS and over 30 years of experience with location data and technologies.

Kevin Mayall, PhD, GISP Senior Consultant / President

Phone: (441) 292-5381